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Service departments have the potential for significant revenue and customer loyalty. But service teams are still fumbling with 2D instructions in a PDF to understand how to service and repair a machine. Start giving them 3D visuals accessible from anywhere, even on a cell phone or tablet, to quickly diagnose and resolve issues and order parts quickly.

Accelerate your service division by reducing downtime & costs

Downed equipment can cost you hundreds of dollars an hour, and getting issues resolved quickly and efficiently is paramount. With access to 3D visuals, field service teams quickly visualize their current job and get accurate, up-to-date work instructions on a cell phone or tablet. That gets your equipment fixed in the context of IoT data and back in the field faster than ever.

"We’ve given the ability to view and interact with 3D models to a more diverse group of users within our customer base to satisfy their needs for design reviews. By providing more detailed information for customers to review, that minimizes confusion and rework. We’ve found that with Vertex, the customer experience has vastly improved and we can accelerate our cycles." - Ryan Kloos, Sales Application Supervisor at Terex Utilities

Improve Your Service Workflows Quickly

Boost your service initiatives to generate revenue through issue identification, quickly finding replacement parts, and enabling repairs. Vertex’s low-code, 3D digital twin visualization platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built 3D applications. We connect with your systems of record to deliver scalable, interactive views to your field service teams quickly and easily.

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Schedule some time to learn more about Vertex’s digital twin platform for your smart factory. Our low-code platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built 3D applications—from idea to application—in under 30 days.

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