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Struggling to connect your sales teams with customers? Elevate the experience with your customer base to shorten the sales cycle, reduce complexity during the sales process, and improve the buying experience and brand loyalty. With the power of 3D visuals to collaborate with customers, your company adds value to customer relationships and facilitates engineer-to-order configurations quickly.

More sales wins for you

Get faster, more profitable deals with a shorter sales cycle to boot. Most sales teams still rely on 2D product catalogs, spreadsheets, or booklets to sell standard and engineer-to-order products. With access to your products in 3D, sales teams can create rich, interactive experiences to align product offerings with customer needs.

"We’ve given the ability to view and interact with 3D models to a more diverse group of users within our customer base to satisfy their needs for design reviews. By providing more detailed information for customers to review, that minimizes confusion and rework. We’ve found that with Vertex, the customer experience has vastly improved and we can accelerate our cycles." - Ryan Kloos, Sales Application Supervisor at Terex Utilities

Grab Your Customers’ Attention

Unlock meaningful conversations with customers to stand out from the competition, boost revenue streams, and sell faster. Vertex’s low-code, 3D digital twin visualization platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built 3D applications. We connect with your systems of record to deliver scalable, interactive views to your sales teams quickly and easily.

How Sales Teams Use Vertex To Connect With Customers—No Travel Required

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Sell faster with an exceptional buying experience - No Travel Required!

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Digital Twins: Changing the Way We Connect With Customers

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Schedule some time to learn more about Vertex’s digital twin platform for your smart factory. Our low-code platform makes it easy to build and deploy purpose-built 3D applications—from idea to application—in under 30 days.

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